Ikenobo Ikebana Exhibition in Spring 2021.

Mar 30, 2021 | Arts, deep Kyoto

Ikenobo held the Spring Ikebana Exhibition at Mar. 19-22, 2021. We will report on the history of the Ikebana and the scene of the exhibition.

the Top of “Ikebana”

People living in Japan came into contact with flowers that bloom in all seasons, creating the traditional culture of “Ikebana” that continues to this day. 
Throughout Japan’s long history, Ikenobo has always played a central role in the Ikebana world.

Ikenobo and Rokkakudo

In front of the gate, Rokkakudo. During Ikebana EXPO, a Ikebana work are being displayed.

The Rokkakudo temple, which is believed to be the birthplace of Ikebana, was built by Shotoku- Taishi(Prince Regent Shotoku) in 587 AD. Shotoku-Taishi was a very famous person in Japanese history and was also the face of the old Bill. He is said to have established Japan’s oldest constitution in AD 604. Also, he is a legendary person who listened to the opinions of ten people without missing a word or phrase at the same time and gave them accurate answers at all.

Ono-no-Imoko, famous for his Japanese envoy to Sui Dynasty(now China), who had a close relationship with Shotoku-Taishi, served as the first chief priest of this Rokkakudo temple, offering flowers in front of the Buddhist Alter every morning and evening.

That work has been refined to be “Ikebana” in the process that they handed down from generation to generation.
Also, they came to be called “Ikenobo” because the first chief priest of Rokkakudo temple had his home(called Jyu-“Bo”) on the side of the pond(“Ike”) in the precincts of the temple, and the current chief priest of Rokkakudo still serves as the head priest of Ikenobo.

Significance of the Ikebana EXPO

On the premises of Rokkakudo temple, there is Ikenobo’s supreme educational institution, Ikenobo Central Training Academy. 

“Kado” artists, from not only Japan, but all over the world, are practicing Ikebana here, and at the end of the year, their works are exhibited in Rokkakudo temple for 4 days. The number of them reaches 600.

2021 Ikebana Pick Up

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Award 2021 of Kado artists’ selection.

A garden of Blue bamboo.

Kado Artsist Mr.Sasaki makes excellent freestyle IKEBANA with backlight and space.

Where Rokkakudo?