The 2022 Sanrio Character Awards, “Colorful”

Apr 12, 2022 | mini Chara

Voting for the “2022 Sanrio Character Awards” has begun on April 8, 2022. The focus will be on whether Cinnamoroll, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, will win the award again this year, following in 2020 and 2021. It continues until May 23.

Now, vote for the 2022 Sanrio Character Awards!

2021 Awards Result

The 2021 Sanrio Character Awards recorded the highest number of votes ever cast, 21,346,750, thanks to the expansion of voting methods and the establishment of foreign-language sites. This represents a 150% increase over 2020.

#1: Cinnamoroll 2-Times Winner, 2020-2021


Cinnamoroll, which had been in second place behind Pom Pom Pudding when the interim voting was announced on May 13, 2021, won the grand prize in an upset. He received 2,314,222 votes.

He is Cafe Cinnamon’s official mascot. He is quite shy but very friendly and sometimes takes a nap on customers’ laps. He can fly through the air by flapping his huge ears.

#2: Pompompurin ranked 2nd, the same as the previous year


Pompompurin was first in the interim voting announcement, but finished second in the final ranking, as he did the previous year. It did not win the award since 2016. He received 2,166,543 votes.

This boy, a golden retriever, is unmistakable in his trademark brown beret. He has a laidback demeanor and loves the phrase ‘let’s go out!’ He loves milk, anything soft, and his mama’s cream caramel puddings. He has a talent for napping and doing ‘Purin Aerobics’, and can make friends with anyone. His dream is to get even bigger.

#3: Pochacco


In third place is Pochacco, a popular character who won the grand prize for five consecutive years between 1991 and 1995. For a while after that, he was overshadowed by the popularity of Hello Kitty and others, but his popularity has gradually returned around 2016. He received 1,468,247 votes.

He is a curious little guy who loves going for walks and eating banana ice cream. This sports-minded pup is a great basketball player and a not too shabby soccer goalie too!

Other Rankings

(4) My Melody     1,422,881
(5) Kuromi           1,248,520
(6) Hello Kitty     1,144,265
(7) Little Twin Stars    916,505
(8) SHOW BY ROCK!!   872,077
(9) Tuxedo sam   710,480
(10) Cogimyun      703,170

(11) yoshikitty, (12) Wish me mell, (13) Hangyodon, (14) Badtz-maru, (15) Keroppi,
(16) Gudetama, (17) Pekkle, (18) My Sweet Piano, (19) Kirimichan., (20) Corocorokuririn

(21) Marumofubiyori, (22) MINNA NO TABO, (23) Marroncream, (24) U*SA*HA*NA, (25) Dear Daniel, (26) Mewkledreamy, (27) Mimmy, (28) Littleforestfellow, (29) Lloromannic, (30) Bonbonribbon 

(41) Monkichi, (42) Caribadix, (43) Goropikadon, (44) Masyumaro, (45) Rilu Rilu Fairilu, (46) Tiny Chum, (47) PataPataPeppy, (48) Paupipo, (49) Sugarminuet, (50) Zashikibuta 

(51) Maimai, (52) Beatcats, (53) Hummingmint, (54) Ichigoman, (55) Kashiwankomochi, (56) The Strawberry King, (57) Shinkansen, (58) Fresh Punch, (59) Pankunchi, (60) Noranekoland 

(61) Chibimaru, (62) Winkipinki, (63) Pokopon’s Diary, (64) Chococat, (65) Vaudeville Duo, (66) Leosuke, (67) Shinkaizoku, (68) Umeya Zakkaten, (69) Rururugakuen, (70) Seven Silly Dwarfs 

(71) Tiny Poem, (72) Runabouts, (73) WeAreDinosaurs, (74) Coro Chan, (75) Risuru, (76) Pannapitta, (77) Dreamtale Kubear, (78) CHOBOT, (79) Sporting Bears, (80) Littilelovin 

New Characters in 2022

In 2022, the award is contested by 80 characters as last year. Here are the four new characters.


There are animals that exist among the normal animals that choose a path that is a little different from everyone else’s. Their motto is to be themselves as they are, even if they have “bosabosa” times. “Bosanimal” come from “bosabosa” animals and relate to humans with their masterful opinions.

#2: Maimaimaigoen

Maimaimaigoen” is an ensemble drama depicting “mental growth pains” by 16 children and their nursery school teacher. It is a story that affirms and embraces diversity, which is close to the present age when people feel it is difficult to live.

One day, the children and Yu, a nursery school teacher, go on a field trip to Puroland. Suddenly, they get lost in a deserted amusement park called “Yuropia”. They try to clear the attractions and escape, but strange creatures appear…

#3: Sugar cream puff

Sugar cream puff is a laid-back, stuffed bear boy. He is a fashionable guy who likes to collect ribbons. He is good at making delicious milk tea.

#4: Puwawa

Puwawa” is a baby sea monster that gets along with anything that moves. He is good friends with Powawa, the iridocumulus. He loves collecting seashells.