The best way to design your Mind and Body.

Mar 14, 2021 | Top of Mind-Body Design

Japanese national sport, “sumo,” has the term “Shin-Gi-Tai”.

This means a concept that can boost you up to the fullest when All of Shin (spirit), Gi(technique), and Tai(physique) are well balanced. These three key elements are incorporated into the seven elements of Wellness.

BLUE SELECT has chosen “Design your Mind and Body” as a simple term combining these three key elements.

 When you want to design something, how do you work to make it come true?

As one simple flow,

  • Define the target that you want to realize
  • Get skills, tools, materials, and information to realize it
  • Plan the process for them
  • Move into action

From the time you defined the target, you should study various things related to it to make it come true. That is, “it’s important to know them for designing the mind and body”.

Talking with Standing

We define that the best way to come true is “Talking with Standing”. Saying, in other words, is “Be conscious of communication with people while being maintaining the right standing posture.”

To maintain it is surprisingly difficult. Few people might stand straight and most people do with warped waists or jawed backs. In addition, the human body is mostly asymmetrical, and the left leg and right one are slightly different in length, so some people stand diagonally. If you continue to stand in these conditions, it will give a heavy burden to your waist and others.

We will describe how to maintain the correct posture by other postings on this site.

Conversation activates your Brain

Even when we meet people and talk about nothing, various areas of the brain are working actively, especially “Frontal Lobe” is used heavily. In addition to conversation, this plays a high level’s role in cognitive function, such as thinking deeply about and judging things, which can be done by only Human Beings.

Also, Conversation inspires the hippocampus (“Kaiba” in Japanese). This plays an important role in controlling human memory itself, for example, “Recalling Memories”.

We recommend the combination of these two tasks, Talking and Standing, because you can get many opportunities of them in your usual daily Life, Business meetings, Communication with your friends, family gatherings, and parties.

I hope you will be able to design your mind and body by taking advantage of many of these opportunities.