Three great Benefits of drinking Tea.

Mar 7, 2021 | Top of TEA-learning

What BLUE SELECT can’t help loving, that’s “Tea”.
Here, we will recommend you three Benefits of wellness that tea brings to you.

1. Relaxing effect

The main ingredients contained in tea are Caffeine, Catechin (Tannin), and Theanine. This is called the three major ingredients of tea. Of these, Theanine is a kind of amino acids that is related to the flavor of tea.

The effect of Theanine

Theanine was extracted from Gyokuro in 1950 by Mr. Sakado of the Kyoto Prefectural Institute of Tea Industry and named after Thea sinensis of the scientific names of tea at that time.

Later studies have reported that Theanine has relaxing and sleep-improving effects, such as increasing brainwave alpha waves and suppressing the autonomic nervous system’s response to stress, as well as improving memory and working speed and accuracy by combining it with Caffeine.

Recently, studies showing effects on Psychiatric Disorders such as Schizophrenia and Depression have also been reported.

 Also, tea has a relaxing Aroma. A typical variety is “Earl Grey”. This is a flavored tea with an Italian citrus flavor called Bergamot on regular tea. By the way, this Earl Grey’s name has come to be named after what the British Count Gray drank. You can also enjoy Jasmine tea, Apple tea, etc., by changing the fragrance according to the mood of the day.

2. Communication tool

Catechin, contained in tea, can create a refreshing feel in your mouth by breaking down the fats and oil components. In particular, it works to remove foods high in milk fat such as cheese, butter, and raw cream, animal fats such as meat and fish, and vegetable oils such as salad oil, sesame, and olive oil.

The effect of Catechin

These fats and oils that are spread in your mouth by eating food can be disassembled and washed away by the power of Catechin, so that they can refresh and reset your mouth.So, by drinking tea, you can savor the taste of the first bite over and over again.

In addition, when Catechins are breaking down the fats in your mouth, the bitterness of the tea is dull, and the tea is relaxing, so you can feel the tea mild and delicious.

 In other words, Tea and Sweets are perfectly compatible, and this is also the prevalent element of afternoon tea.

Socialize with afternoon tea

Originally, the custom of “Afternoon Tea” was born and shaped from the upper class. It is said that the start of afternoon tea was that they began to have light sandwiches and cakes and drink tea between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm in order to fill their empty space up to the dinner at late night.

At first, the tea used to be drunk in their home with superior Teaware, gradually became to be drunk while inviting their friends to talk together, that created a place for socializing and manners eventually.

Furthermore, they began to compete for tea utensils that they could show off to their guests.

In this way, the gathering of guests that are invited to talk has be called “the Afternoon Tea Party”.

Activate your brain

Talking around tea, delicious sweets, and gorgeous teaware also boosts conversation and brings people a pleasant mood. This is the ultimate source of health that activates human brain and five senses.

3. Health benefits

Let me introduce three typical health benefits of tea.

Prevention of obesity

Catechin and Caffeine contained in tea have the effect of reducing Cholesterol and Neutral fat, as well as the effect of burning the fat in the body.

Excessive Cholesterol can cause your blood to drift and cause you Arteriosclerosis. In addition, excessive consumption of neutral fat leads to obesity, which is said to be the origin of all diseases.

 Tea can keep you away from diseases that give critical damages to your body.


Have you ever heard “Polyphenol”?

It is included in Cacao, Red Wine, Blueberry, etc. By consuming them, humans can get benefits from the Antioxidant effect, which suppresses the action of active oxygen in the body. In addition to preventing aging, it is particularly effective for protecting skin damage and improving blood flow.

 Tea contains a great deal of Catechin, a kind of Polyphenol. Catechin is a bitter ingredient of tea. Perhaps this is exactly what you mean by “Suffering from good medicine.”

Antibacteria and Sterilization

Actually, Catechins have a variety of benefits besides Antioxidants.

Typical effect is Anti-bacteria. When influenza virus enters your body, it acts on your defined cells. However, when you take up Catechins to your body, the virus becomes difficult to reach your cells, so it cannot multiply.

It is also effective for preventing food poisoning and cavities.


In this way, tea is not only an item that maintains your body’s health, but also that activates your brain and behavior. Please enjoy a fun life with tea!