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May 3, 2024 | Care

Traveling is really good. It brings us unexpected encounters. This article is about one miracle amenity we encountered in our travel.

One Miracle Found in a Travel Destination

Nov 2023, Staying Brighton Hotel around Kyoto Imperial Palace

©Kyoto Brighton Hotel

In November 2023, I had a travel to Kyoto with my partner. We had two purposes of this travel.  One was to visit the exhibition of the flower Kado in Rokkakudo, and the other was to enjoy the 18th anniversary of our marriage. For us to spend busy days, it had been a long time since our last long stay travel. We love Kyoto because their hospitality has given us more and more ultimate satisfaction every time we experience it. On this travel, we choose the Brighton Hotel Kyoto to stay for the first time.

We also had 2 reasons why this hotel was selected. One is this location which is in a serene residential area on the west side of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, “Kyoto-Gosho”. The area has so few hotels for tourists that we would be able to reduce the opportunity of meeting many upbeat tourists.

The other is that the real Kyoto would be there. The Kyoto Imperial Palace is where the Emperors had resided for generations. The current Emperor, the 126th, resides in the Imperial Palace near Tokyo Station, but even today,  there is still a belief in Kyoto that the Emperor would be visiting Tokyo temporarily and that his original residence would be the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

Hence, the town culture and the daily life, that have been deeply connected with the imperial family, still exists in there. In addition, these are blending with new-wave cultures that can harmonize with the townscape. In addition, this is blending with new-wave cultures that can harmonize with this townscape. Therefore, we would like to tell you that there is a “real Kyoto” that has developed by visiting the old and learning the new, around the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

Hotel Amenities Always Winning Our Hearts, But…

Introducing these awesome experiences for another time, we will describe one amenity which we met in the Brighton Hotel Kyoto in this article.

The selection of staying places is one of the most important factors to make our travel successful. If we could book and stay in luxury hotels, their gorgeous entrances and high-quality services, as called “Omote-nashi” in Japanese,  would further enhance our satisfaction. And then, when you opened the door of your booking room, the Luxurious and relaxing space could welcome you.

When you got used to the room, it would be presumed that you start looking for something. It is a variety of amenities. These mean services that can add more comfort and have a lot of services, such as bath towels, hand towels, bathrobes, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, shampoo, conditioners, body soaps, slippers, hair irons, combs, hair elastics, shower caps, cotton swabs, etc. Many luxury hotels offer them as their original brand, which can give their guests something usual.

However, is there anything in this list that you would hesitate to use? If any, they would be shampoo, conditioner, and body soap, which are normally used for our faces, bodies, and hair to be washed cleanly. Because it has been difficult for a lot of people to find their favorite due to the feature, which is that they are liquid for washing human skin with touching them directly.

Human skin, as you know, is extremely sensitive. It might be greatly affected by even the difference between hard and soft water. Hence, it is very hard to choose them, but once they are chosen, they are often used for a long time. This background makes it more difficult to easily use shampoo, conditioner, and body soap in a hotel that travelers happen to visit. Some of them would bring them which are used in their home normally.

All in One Products

Generally, Japanese hotels’ rooms have bathtubs, preparing shampoo, conditioner, and body soap in one corner. These liquids are stored in dedicated bottles, plainly and slightly toxically colored, along with the name of the product. These are very reasonable systems for travelers who are busy sightseeing and so on.

However, as described above, this is a very negative situation for travelers with sensitive skin. And for ones who do not have, the next hard situation will come also. The issue is that these shampoo and body soap are not easy to make foams. The recent facial cleaners are almost made of foams, because they can not only reduce friction on the contact surface between hands and face, but also make it easy to remove sebum of face.

This feature should be allowed to apply to your body and head as well. Of course, this fact has been noticed by a lot of people, but this service might be not allowed to apply to travelers because of the cost-effectiveness. So, we did not have excessive expectations for this service, even for the Brighton Hotel.

Eventually, this hotel missed our expectations for good. First of all, what was placed in the bathtub of the Hotel, was one translucent bottle, rather than three toxic-colored bottles which are often seen in usual Japanese hotels. Its appearance never disrupted the design of the luxury hotel bathroom, rather was familiar with that, and the question “Why is there only one bottle?” was quickly answered by the explanation printed on the surface of this bottle.

First Time We Met a Shampoo which Should Be Gone Home Together

This bottle said, “All in One Bottle. The whole body is washed by this one. It can be cared for the whole body.” Perhaps, we might have met such a product at the first time in our journey or ordinary life at the first time. We were interested in this amenity so much and tried it at once.

The first I tried washing my hair. When I released the cap lock and turned it upside down, what came out in my palm was clear gel liquid, which was odorless. When I kneaded it into my hair and stirred it as usual, a surprising phenomenon began to wrap around my body. So much foam,  which I had never imagined, began to spring from my hair. That form was fine and light.

The foam that gushed from my hair gradually fell over my body, via my face. I went with the flow and washed my face and body by hand using the foam. Thanks to a lot of foam gushing out, I did not feel any of the friction that always occurs when washing with a towel. Instead, a faint moisturizer covered my body. We fell in love this shampoo, or rather this “three ways”, very much. Still, we have never seen this bottle’s design.

JamLebel ?

Of course, this amenity was in our bags at the moment we checked out.